Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The joys of a simple unbreakable ornament...

Today I contacted my police officer for his portrait of his working partner Olo..I wanted to present this to him before I left for North Carolina at 4 AM tomorrow. Tonight I PLAYED with the central gallery bunch and we made unbreakable ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree in the gallery and one to take home for their very own tree. The movie "Elf" was playing and we were all singing our belief in the jolly old elf... and laughter seemed to be exploding everywhere. The energy levels were slowly amplifying and the running began back and forth ...and a popcorn hockey game broke out in the back of one of the trees....they were trying to keep Santa from seeing their crazy antics. I came home and took an hour to relax and watch "Work of Art" in the big city of New York. So many experiences and influences and finally opinions of what is the meaning of great art in today's professional art circle. As I began to unwind I began to pack for a three day visit with my God daughter who had a baby boy in May and is graduating from Law school on Friday. Yes, I know this is not a good time to be out of my studio...I am taking my portrait commissions with me to work on in the airport... and a few hand works to complete when Mason is sleeping. But I am so proud of Amber Rose and her determination and focus needed to pull this completion off in a very stressful though happy time in her life. Time is really the only gift we have to share with those we truly love!

I sold 9 certificates today for one on one sessions today alone... between the cards and special requests I have been blessed this month. I am learning with each day that making Art is a daily exercise and real work...being present in the moment and opening myself to real risks. The people I have met and interacted with ...has motivated me to use each and every moment. I love my life now...I am the one with responsibility to move forward and take the flying leap of real Faith. I will return as soon as possible...but until then God bless you all for your loving support for the last year of explorations. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen


  1. Happiest of Holiday Seasons to everyone in your world, all those smiling faces...

  2. I was unplugged for a time MH... I didn't even get photos of my dinner party. The break from my routine this past week was energizing.
    I even took a news fast, as it can be so depressing. But now with inspiration I look forward to more creativity. Your blog and others that are so full of life inspire me also. Wishing you peace, love and joy.