Friday, December 23, 2011

As Jingle put it so elegantly ...Christmas eve eve...

Wooo.... I have had an incredible day in the studio and completed the last of the commissions. Ken came down and we made our annual progression to visit some special people in their 80's ...youthful but sort of fragile during this damp rainy weather. We delivered to a very special pair of newlyweds who have both been in need of Holiday cheer and presented them with their Christmas slate hand painted by our dear friend Abby Longshore! She did an awesome job and they look as cute as could be sitting in their Christmas sleigh. Merry Christmas Don and Betty! Then we were off to deliver a special request for a very special gift certificate to Kris Goummas at the sweet smelling candy shop....Socrates you are a magician!!! They were very busy and appreciated a personal delivery for a very special and unique Christmas present...Merry Christmas and thanks for the sweet chocolate. Then Ken's fancy Pontiac sleigh headed over to the Thedos to make a special delivery of Ken's magic fudge, caramel corn and Erin's delicious caramels and a hand crafted Christmas card with a dancing snowman to put a smile on their faces! Then we went to Skip's chicken place for wings for nourishment before we headed over to our friend of 25 years ...Helen for her special Christmas yummies and sweets to share with her son and his wife. Finally we drove over to welcome Natasha Wortman home for the Holidays at her open house...did I say I was feeling a little tired? Natasha is a dear friend who is also a Black Hawk helicopter pilot. Her mother is behind the Support Our Troops movement where we send care packages to the men and women serving over seas to protect the American way. I am creating a work of art that honors Natasha's "Women's Work" for the next installment of my latest works. It was a house full of great friends and relatives that were all celebrating Natasha's homecoming. She is really my Hero! God Bless all of our Service men and women who cannot be home with their families...because they are sacrificing for us in America. I came home to meet my next door neighbor Mel as she shared a healthy and sweet basket of treats from Harry and Davids. Now I am writing my Christmas cards that I created in the studio.. a small gift for my family and friends...yes I realize they will arrive late but I wanted to take the time to write a personal hello in each one. I know what the cards and photos mean to me when they arrive in my big black mailbox at the end of my driveway... this may become a dinosaur tradition in the near future but I will continue this traditional ritual as long as I can. Have a quiet evening and know you are making a difference in some one's life when you create from your heart. I am so blessed and grateful for all who have made my year so successful in my little studio. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. And to all a good night....tomorrow is Christmas Eve....Yeah. Otis is the cutest little pug I have ever met!! Natasha you have stolen my heart forever! Peace, Mary Helen

  2. So many Christmas things going on! Looks like you have all been having a good time. Enjoyed seeing your commissions. Have a wonderful Christmas my friend! Hugs to all of the grand kids:)

  3. Merry Christmas to all of you photos are really awesome.