Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesdays and still catching up with commissions...

I finished my Inchies and I am caught up by finishing my "kiss" inspiration but I need to make a couple of adjustments. A dear friend came in...and she is starting a new business with a company dedicated to the 31st verses. She is planning a special party where the men can meet at her house to make personal selections in design....fabrics...monograms and have their Christmas shopping complete. I am so excited for her and I know Ken is relieved to have some new ideas for Christmas gifts for the women in his life. I drove a long distance to attend a meeting this afternoon and well ...after I left for my studio the plans had changed ...and no one was there. What is it about "best laid plans" so I did need to run around to get a few errands completed. I had my hair trimmed for our upcoming weekend at the college reunion at Ken's college. Then we stopped for a quick bite at our neighborhood Bob Evans and enjoyed a 55 and over menu selection...no dishes and total relaxation.

I worked on my "pet portraits" for tomorrow night's gallery night. I have selected several photographs for those who might not have an actual personal pet...they can sketch the one they would love to have in the future. I have another commission for 10 Halloween cards and 15 Christmas/Holiday cards ...my special cards are getting some attention from those who have received them and now they are ordering for their personal use. It may not be high ART but it does pay my rent and get my name out there in the community. YAHOO! I have two small fiber works in progress and need to complete them.... to be ready for October.

I have transferred a very cute little Halloween witch who is hold her little black cat as they sit on a large pumpkin ...onto a silk transfer. I have almost decided to make a collage on a canvas ...with multiple layers from a child's point of view. I have the materials and the design elements are just fun...Halloween is getting as large as the Christmas season. (Both seasons are already in the local art and craft shops ...hard to believe school just started and we are barely into September. After 12 months I now realize I am not strapped by the gallery demands and have to depend on myself to make ends meet if I want to stay...and YES I want to stay! Have a great week. I will get my photos taken outside tomorrow and post them for the late Inchies. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Sounds like you are busy as ever. Speaking of Halloween, I need to get busy and finish a piece I started last year about this time. LOL
    Have a good day MH.

  2. Don't you enjoy pet portraits! I did that years ago, such fun. So good that you have something artistic paying your rent! It's hard to achieve that.