Thursday, September 15, 2011

Project Runway night and packing and laundry....

Where did you get the idea that the week has just flown by??? I had two dear friends drop by the studio as I was creating my Halloween cute witch sitting on her big pumpkin. I have a 12 by 12 canvas and some silk transfers and lots of just FUN holiday stuff to delight the child in all of our souls. Gail came by and we just shared the passing of time and discussed the time and limitations I have to accept in order to keep my little messy studio evolving. We shared my works and examples of my mono-printing experience. I did research the great soy inks...Akua intaglio inks that clean up with Simple Green cleaners. I also found the print roller that is 20 inches long and would be so easy to incorporate into my small working space. I just need to save about $300.00 to make the first investment. I have learned I love the incorporation of multiple layers into my paper works...I think it is just another extension of my quilted narratives.

I stopped by the fund raiser for Support Our Troops Now at the Buckeye Winery...I made a donation because I knew I was overly tired and would not have the energy to put a strong face forward. Natasha's mother shared her photo book of Natasha's experiences and dynamic accomplishments as a Black Hawk Pilot. I shared my "wings" wrapped around to protect her when she is in danger's way and we both became choked up. I then went to Michael's in search of the drastic markdowns for a Wizard Birthday party on October 1,201. I found some real FUN design elements for my 12 wizards...I can hardly wait myself. I also purchased wrapped canvases 24 by 24 inches for an unbelievable price of $32.00 for three!!! I do not know I will use these wonderful options in my paintings but I am totally thrilled!!! Wish me Luck and I look forward to playing!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. The total price for the three canvases was 32.71...whew what a deal. Thank you for your patience as I try to consolidate my day's activities and visitors. Peace, Mary Helen

  2. You know what amazes me is the amount of art you do get done with all the people dropping in to visit with you. As much as I love company I find I can't get in the creative zone unless I have a block of quiet time.
    I've tried to keep working when people are talking with me but it ends up feeling more like they are talking AT ME, you know. sigh
    Your space just brings in so many people that seem to need to soak up your creative energy.
    It's a good thing. :)Bea