Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still drinking my teas iced.... days are cool in the morning but hot in my studio...

I have had a very busy day today and ended up the evening with a burger with my dear Ken. I was on a mission to find a special chalk board for Pat at the Grill Deli for his Skyline Chili and tomorrow's Family night. I also began collecting my holiday foams to make holiday snowmen with the grandchildren. I took the luxury of sitting still and catching up on my circle of bloggers and their latest journeys. I can never really express the joy I find in connecting with others who are working in their individual studios daily making their sacred marks. I find a serene, quiet place to smile, question, share, ask provoking questions about another inner most thoughts and processes. I carried around my Inchies today and still have not photographed them to share and catch up with the global group making tiny, inspirational pieces of just FUN. I am also working on a violet sky with starry, starry skies to print fun loving bats flying over our courthouse.

My youngest daughter has decided to make a decision to leave her job...I have some big concerns about this decision since there is so much uncertainty in the job market here. I am trying to be supportive and see her side of the situation ...but honestly this is extremely sensitive area for a mother to have. I am trying to keep busy with my own studio business and Lord knows time is extremely precious. I can only hope everything will work out ...maybe not like I would have wanted but it will still work out. Erin and Chance are celebrating their wedding anniversary this weekend...and we are going over for grand parent babysitting...Whoopee!!! Where has the time flown? Now we are blessed to have such beautiful, loving grand babies!!! Life does not get any better. Thank you all for your loving support as I regain my art legs :0)! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Much love to you Mary Helen, so sorry that you have been ill.

  2. What did we hear as kids, slow and steady wins the race. Keep moving slow and steady and heal. xox Corrine

  3. Hope all continues to be peaceful in your life.