Thursday, September 22, 2011

gentle essence of a day....

Visitors filled the studio today as I created a special cow girl and cowboy birthday cards ...I just had fun and the results are campy and I think will add a different option for my selections. I also continued my works for Halloween. I have some finishing touches on my 12 by 12 canvas assemblage to complete because I have a buyer ready to take my vintage little witch home. Yahoo...the rent is coming in ...even in a bad economy there is someone out there ready to enjoy a unique view of a happy American ritual. I met with my girlfriend when school was out and previewed her son's art project. When all was said and done the parents and the students sometimes feel overwhelmed by an assignment...a kind, gentle word is all that is often needed to see the job completed. I then attended an informal gathering for information on using essential oils in my daily balancing act of maintaining health. I have heard Dr. Oz discuss these oils on his program and have experienced tree oils when I was in Australia as a natural antiseptic used by the Aboriginal peoples for centuries. I have a lot of research to do before I have any opinion but I am very touched by the kindness a a dear friend who thought this might be an avenue to enhance my search of wellness. I met Ken for a quiet dinner and made a connection with a young photographer who is willing to help me with a special project send Art works to our men and women serving in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving. I am collecting art pieces from children who want to show gratitude to these brave men and women serving to protect us from harm. I am not too sure how this is going to happen but I bought the box from support our troops now...a local organization that is very active here in Ohio. I have had a long day but I hope you enjoy the photos that share my day with you all. The bed is calling and tomorrow is already Friday! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Your witch is quite wonderful and you are always putting out loving energy i to this world. Essential oils, aromatherapy, herbs and homeopathy can all help, also flower essences. Find a good naturopath in your part of the world and delve into it all. xox

  2. I have to say anything pure from the earth ...may have healing powers we have all overlooked in this Western medical world. Have a fab weekend! Peace, Mary Helen