Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pet portraits....

My dear friend Abby came with her 4 year old son Justin who is well totally dear to my heart. He weighed 2 pounds when he was born and now just take a look at him. Abby is interested in sharing her wonderful artistic talents with the less fortunate children I have advised her to meet with several options for volunteering here in Licking county. The whole time we were discussing outlets for her to try little Justin entertained us as he played with children in the central gallery. I attended the appreciation dinner and concert at The Midland Theater. I came home and made my lunch and did some laundry for the rest of the week. Now I am loading some photos and going to bed...I will help out with the "Support Our Troops" afternoon at the Buckeye Winery. I want to show my support for Natasha Black Hawk Helicopter pilot who I am creating a commission for to be included in my next collection of works for a one woman exhibit. I DO like dream Big! Have a great week! Go to your studio and Create! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Daily visitors stop by to check how things are going...young and old they all want see what is going on at the studio. I am filling my Halloween commissions for special cards ..they are small but might pieces of art and they do pay the rent! Jack Sparrow in Legos are just too cute...Thank you Nicholas for sharing. :0) Peace, Mary Helen

  2. You are doing such good things. I've been absent a bit lately. You know how life goes, but I'll be catching up with reading. Blessings to you! Vernita

  3. Busy as always, you are. Great pictures of people having fun in your special space.