Monday, September 19, 2011


Ken and I visited his Alma mater Earlham College to reunite with his coach and team mates from 41 years was a vision in the power of male friendship. These once young boys...that is what they were called back in the 60's are now seasoned, grown men with families and many are now grand parents. The renewal of spirits and old stories took about three seconds ...the room seemed to radiate youthful smiles once again and laughter over times gone by. The moments turn too quickly to minutes to precious hours and the evening flew away. I was overwhelmed with a renewed appreciation for my best friend's happy smile as he dipped back into Earlham's culture of community. I, unfortunately did not attend Earlham but I can totally appreciate the bod of total friendship even after a 41 year span. When Ken and I finally hit the bed...I asked a million questions...I should have been sleeping because Saturday was another busy day.

Saturday we headed back to the campus...imagine the beginning of a crisp, Fall day on an idyllic campus filled with strolling families visiting their young students for Parents Weekend. We attended a recognition award program for distinguished faculty members. It would take too long to go into each presenter and faculty member but the stories were compelling and added to the insight of the philosophy of this unique community of Quakers. The retired president from 41 years ago...Landrum Bolling introduced Del Harris to the audience. Del and his players were all there to celebrate their years spent at Earlham and the championship seasons. But more than their season scores and wins ... I was witness to the golden ring of friendships of men who never forgot the power of their times together. I will include some photos but the video is too long to post on the blog ...I think you might still be able to recognize the youthful optimism in their eyes.

I came home tired but worked in the studio on a small commission. It was so humid with the rains today it seemed to take a real long time ...or extra time was required for drying. My Inchie this week is "sparkle" and I feel the sparkle was in eyes of dear friends. The secret of life according to James Taylor is the passing of time....thank you Ken for sharing this with my heart. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What an experience to meet up with people from your college days. I'm afraid if I ever did that in 40 years, class of '05 from University of TX @ El Paso, I'd be almost 100 years old!! I'm a late bloomer!! LOL

    Glad to see you're feeling better and back in the studio doing what you love. Have a great week and take care.


  2. Wonderful words and smiles. It's amazing how friendship crosses the years like not a day has gone by. xox