Friday, August 28, 2009

The Man Show...the actual work is fabulous

I will try one more time...the weather outside is interrupting our Windstream connection. The LCA exhibit is exciting and fun to experience. Don Gunnerson's "Happiness" portrays himself with Miss Betty and her constant companion Princess in his wonderful watercolor and view into a new chapter in his life. Tony Reynold's newest work is enticing the viewer to reach out and caress the edges designed by Nature and Tony's talented hands. Nicholas Craig drawing invites you to come closer and study his sacred marks. The wire sculptors were especially inviting to me because it was created with rusty wire. The energy was present for all to see and view her form and shape. Earl Duck created with his expertise the intimate insight to a time gone by...maybe the 1950's...I am guessing fro the Chevy pump in the painting. Art Perry's oil of a horse in running flight is a new chapter of his design and subject process. The newest Raku works are incredible and I am hoping to own one sometime soon...abstract fired in the power of the heated earth. Be sure to check this special show and I know my photos do not do it justice in exemplifying the wealth these artists share in our community.

Jo Sinnsabaugh has a one man exhibit "Consilience" in our dear friend Liz Argyle's wonderful gallery. The range of his talents run the gamut and we are so fortunate to have him share his vision. His wooden furniture guided by the mystery found in each of the individual wood he has selected is a joy to see and experience. His abstracts are kinetic and full of an energy that defies articulation in words only. The landscapes are in a velvet brush stroke and were selling even in this economy. Joe's drawings were mesmerizing to study and the mobiles seem to float above our heads as we walked through the gallery space. Thank you Joe for all you do to share and promote a free thinking here in Licking county about the possibilities for making art. I hope you enjoy the few photos I am trying to include before the power disappears once again. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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