Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a moment in the quiet end of a day...

sit quietly
listen to the quiet voices in my memories
as I stitch by stitch with soft colors of floss
meddling into my hand dyed fabric
a signature in time
this moment ...
after an hour or two
I pause to see the path of my needled marks
so much to do and yet I am reassured to know that
the journey is my own.
Patterns renewed ...set the time aside to pause to dive into
the process of losing oneself in the work experience.
Why do I fight getting back to work
when I have broken my familiar ...
seeking outside my norm takes energy
though it is a different chapter of awareness...
I find myself wanting to return to the solace
solace and quiet in the creation without boundaries
only the requirements I put on myself.
Let go...let go...let go and remain in the safety of the womb of your quiet working space.
Let go...let go...let go... and nourish the quiet solace of making your sacred marks.
Imagine and Live in Peace,

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