Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am a lucky girl...

As you can now see that I am slowly returning to my familiar and beloved world here in Newark, Ohio but I have made many new acquaintances who share my love for adventure and culture diversification in music, customs, art processes and incredible Cajun foods and deep South crab delicacies and sweet tea. Now I still have unpacked suitcases in my living room and scattered around the dining room and the bedroom is in upheaval of clothes, reliquaries, clothes sorted by colors yet to be washed. Yesterday I needed to make required deliveries to the post office, my bank and select some last minute specials for the grand daughters and their first day of the school year. When I finally made my last stop I went home to discover we were going out to dinner with some dear friends and ended up at the kid's house. I went to bed without a care and for the first time I am back on my home keyboard.

I returned with a summer cold because I do realize that I over did and my body said whoa several times but I failed to listen and obey my inner muse. I stayed in and began catching up om ideas and inspirations from the latest road trip. I also collected some anonymous women's works that I need to clean, fray and organize for my growing pieces in various states of development. Ken is on his way back to his Fall teaching position so I will have time to meet with an incredible woman who has changed the community here in Licking county. I still have to unload my car with my treasures one else except an artist could see and realize the potential of a past conversation to be discovered in these aged threads and tattered garments.

Thank you for you patience as I get back into my "groove" pattern and work ethic...daily daily daily work hard and the process will guide my hands and fingers. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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