Friday, August 28, 2009

The Man Show...

Tonight is the opening for "The Man Show" designed to feature the male members of our Licking County Arts. I am sure this will an interesting enterprise for all who attend. A cookout of hot dogs and Beer for the robust to enjoy the works of art in a more effective manner. The weather is a bit tricky with thunderstorms looming outside at the moment. I have been out of town for most of the summer but look forward to seeing old friends once again and hear of their progress this past hot summer months.

I am diligently adding to my stash of found objects and still need my mother of pearl buttons...I hear that if you say this out loud the Universe will guide the design elements to your hands when you are ready to add them. I am painting on an antique linen table cloth with special attention to the intricate weaving of roses and greenery in the four corners of the cloth. I am trying to remain playful in my application and wanting to employ Transfer Art Paper processes soon as it arrives. I tried to support our local businesses first but no one even knew what I was asking for so Pro Chemical has come through and while I was at it I found a few other elements I might need to continue my play. When we come back from the exhibit I will try to add a few photos for your amusements and thank you for all who are sharing my humble words with your process friends and artists. "No one succeeds alone!"

Today is my sister's birthday...I won't say how old...I am eleven months older... but we had a good time this summer in Charleston for the wedding celebration. Our lives are a changing and we need to stay in touch with one another and support the siblings as we age and make our way into our later years. I have been able to assist Donna with some ideas for paper collage lesson plans and Eric Carl's approach to interpreting their own favorite readings. On Fridays they have a "Fun Day" to show what they learned during the week's activities. The students are in the 6th and 7th grades but with various levels of reading abilities. It is amazing to witness how the making of Art Marks is another language to connect with others. I need to go and get ready for the big Man Show and the drizzle of raindrops will not detour our support. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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