Sunday, August 30, 2009

there are no short cuts....

I spent time this afternoon continuing my research for my exhibit and got through only about one half of the story about this quiet painter from Canada I am attempting to learn more about. The videos available and several reviews over the decades repeated some of the same themes about the medium of painting with "your back against the world". It sounds so simple and obvious at first and yet to create in your own being without a concern or connection too what the world will think about your works is an awesome triumph. Agnes Martin was an abstract painter and minimalist with her brushstrokes and processes. I have created my first impression of this magnificent woman artist 's life.

Something is missing
Abstract artist
Painter "I paint with my back against the world...isolation and quiet"
Memory ...
Innocence ...
Living in New York for ten years
Travel for two years
Gabriel movie dialogue ...
Minimalism ... sacred marks quietly made...
In infinite space
Contained in a painting...
Empty your mind
The intellect serves the ego
Servant of the facts ...
Practice quiet
Inspiration envelops the being
If you are willing to listen ...
Something new...really want it... the power in the quiet spaces
Inspirations come from creation in Life
Know what you want
All aggressive behaviors
Soften my attitude
Cleanse the soul ...
You will receive more in tranquility
Slow...slower....stop ...
Keep your mind at rest
In the mood for the Truth ...
Aware and alert
What can I do now?
Then wait patiently...patiently wait
Sleep on it
Dream state
Your dreams are the answers of your future
Sleep on it
Dream State
Beauty is in the mystery of life
Spiritual mystic
Respond slowly to and see humility
Trust the gift
Abstract emotions
Illustrates the Truth.

The subtle use of colors and the quiet ways of this woman have resonated in my mind's eye. I have to fight that frantic emotion to "do something fast and do it now!" Oh what lessons i have to learn in the next year. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. I love her work...and her approach. I have been lucky to have seen a number of her paintings in New York. They have an immediate, tranquil impact on me!