Thursday, January 24, 2013

thoughts become dreams....

I have worked from home today...I needed to have quiet time for concentration so I might be able to find the right words to write an artist statement for the Collaborative Communications  opening tomorrow evening.  I have had numerous phone calls about the times...can children come? long will the exhibit be up?... and even our local newspaper called for an appointment and an article for The Newark Advocate.  The winter blast is still here and the driveway was covered this morning with snow...with more major snowfall tomorrow.  This art exhibit is for the "Art" of creating meaningful Dialogues between a recognized artist and introducing a new and vitally active artist to our community.  I know you are totally aware that Art Saves Lives ....and now I feel intensely that our thoughts become dreams.  When it comes to a description of Lisa Kelleher and her new works.... these images will help us all to hold onto a joyful life.  I posted this yesterday on facebook..."The obstacle becomes the path".  This Zen quote seemed so appropriate to my artistic sensibilities today.  Lisa's Bohemian spirit ...she was always curious of conscious differences ....seeking to make connections and a dialogue between the artist's view and the patrons interpretations.  Lyn and I installed the photographs can see them on yesterday's blog post.  The sunrises and the sunsets celebrate the beginnings and endings of our days gifts.  The reliquary works are evidence of a vessel no long alive...the beautiful lobster tail and the crab against the sands of time document the marks we make as we journey along the beach...feeling the tide pull us gently along our paths.  Artists make small gestures ...that make a difference in our worlds and cultures.  This dialogue hopefully  demonstrates a loving respect....empowers....and includes all visions.  "Artists need to create ...on the same scale...that society has the capacity to destroy."  I am hoping this exhibit successfully consecrates the communications we experience and nurture through out our lives. 

 Lisa's vision through her camera's lens and her heart...

I am totally blown away with the black and white images...remnants and foot prints ...evidence that Lisa was here...
Now I am back to work...I think I am almost caught up on the computer.  Stay safe... and know you are a beacon of white light....radiating an energy that never disappears.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I know the exhibit will be so exciting. Wish I was closer so I could attend.

  2. Beautiful works! Yes, art does save lives. :)

  3. We have a snow storm happening so I am hoping the streets will be cleared enough for people to safely come to The Works openings. Be safe and move slowly, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart