Sunday, January 13, 2013

The man date...Grandpa Ken and Mr. Marshall Cole...

Last night the main man Grandpa Ken went to Mr. Marshall Cole's first basketball game at Columbus Academy .  They went to dinner and saw many other basketball fans from both Bexley and Columbus Academy.  I am not too sure who actually had the best time...they both were grinning some maximum smiles.  The crowds were loud....the game was close...well maybe not but in the end Columbus Academy won on this special night.  Ken teaches at Bexley.... so this was a tight competition.  I think they both had a wonderful time and  next time Ken and I will take Miss Morgan when they play at the Bexley gym. 

I worked on my quilt and wrote a few artist statements for my works... and talked to Lisa's husband about the exhibit being installed next Saturday with the two curators Lynn Logan-Grimes and Rosa Roja.  I am going to meet with John tomorrow to finalize the selections and hope we can get these photos delivered by Saturday..of course we could allow for the space needed ...and hang them early next week.

I am hopeful you all had a relaxing weekend ...  I made my flight reservations for the conference in May.  Wrote a recommendation for an artist friend who is applying for a grant for her business.  I am hopeful my words will prove to be helpful.  Tomorrow I am taking Maya Rose to her doctor...she has been dealing with a rash that will not go away...and it is making her feel miserable and embarrassed ... you know how 7th grade girls can be hurtful.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Love his smile! Oh...the smile of a child....:)...nothing like it.

  2. Ditto, Yvonne. That is one very happy boy!

  3. The boys looks pretty darn happy to be together! xox

  4. Now the middle one...little Morgan wants to go ...the next game is at the end of February and now she is 4 she is old enough to go along. PEACE, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart