Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am adding to my gratitude jar....

 My visitor came n to study my stitches and ask about the story for the third quilt in the Merinda series...  I know I have more to put away but I just wanted to sit and work today...
 Her mother-in-law fell in love with my hand made cards...she is creating new baby things for a new great grandchild who will be arriving in July.... she told me ..."you sure have a lot of stuff!"
 Cyd created this beautiful hat just for me....Roxie wanted to be in the photo...she says she needs a hat too....
 the wool is ever so soft and luscious and cozy warm.... Roxie is giving me a kiss...that usually means she has done something I have not discovered yet....  Yes I am still holding onto my Christmas table....more candlelight please..........
 this is the best present ...but I realize how much I miss having Cyd close by...  she knows me...for 28 years...and she knows everything and still loves me!!!!!!!!
Isn't her free form just outstanding????   She made three different free forms before she settled on this one....I know I would have loved all three but this one is three dimensional and absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!

I am planning to see Cyd  in May....but that seems so far away!!!!!!!!!
Today was gray and there were still wonderful gifts given to me...a special visitor...a wonderful hand knit hat with elegant free form crochet and knitted designs made with pure love by my friend Cyd in Tucson.

I pray your are counting your blessings... I am dreaming of Cyd being closer once again.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

"to change ones life
start immediately
do it flambouyantly
no excuses"  William James


  1. Love the hat on you! I wear scarves and hats now again like I used to when I was younger. It isn't cold enough here very often to wear a hat like that but I do when I can. Love the Wm James quote too. YOu are looking good MH.

  2. I think the hat looks perfect on you...nice warm colour.
    I just finished knitting a batch of scarves for our family. It was fun....but now I'm hankering for my crochet hook.

    Ciao bella.
    Creative Carmelina

  3. Love that hat! It is my colors too. You look wonderful in it!

    Also enjoy seeing those adorable smiles of the kids with their art work. Too bad art has been removed from so many elementary grades.

    Hugs, Tami

  4. You are such a pretty lady....a joy to see you smiling and looking so stylin' in your Cyd original. It suits you to a T.
    Oma Linda

    I still have my Christmas candles out on the dining room table as well. Can't seem to let go of the lovley glow...I'll just use them us to nothing.....

  5. You look fab in that hat! Wish jar, yes I need to get one put together.....xox

  6. Thought of u as I watched last nights georgeous sunset. I was in the car, so no pics were taken, but it was gorgeous! Thank u for ur call. Youre so awesome! Thank u for being a part of my life!

  7. I love your hat!!!!!And the quote...just timely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!