Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby it is cold outside.................

 our 21 year old cat is too cold to go out into the garage to use her litter box....this is a big no no  in our home and Ken has just about had it....Desdemona please be a good girl...
 Terry and Biff Matthews dropped by for a quick lunch at The Grill Deli...and came in for a check in to see what I am up to....
 Michelle came in after her class with Marilyn Stocker....I am sorry that only one end of the table is open for a work space...
 Sam stopped by in her beautiful coat...everyone has the cold and sniffles....snow is due tonight ....
 Chris Lang dropped by after her lunch...doesn't she look beautiful in that warm sweater???  Again my studio is a mess...and yes this is when every one comes in..............I am so embarrassed.
My favorite counselor Sue came in for a warm soup and sandwich....we all need our polar bear outfits...
 After everyone left I did begin the process of sorting my recycled foam boards......  I can trim them tomorrow when my intern arrives.
 Yes this is my pile on top of one of the work tables...
 Doris Carlson came in while her loving husband had another meeting...she is always so distinguished and beautiful..........
 I need to remember to breathe.... so my light can shine on....
 I picked up Lisa's photos today....John received some good news from his doctors and is looking forward to the opening on Friday.... shine in me Lisa....give me strength.
 the sun is going down at Lisa's house in Granville....the day is ending and promises a new day tomorrow....

This is the same sunset at my home in Newark...
The temperatures are so low ...with the wind chill.... below zero .  This cold completely wipes me out at the end of my day.  I had every intention of going in to my studio and closing myself off from the world so I could get things organized.  Before I even got out of the car....the visitors started.  Yes, I am grateful...but because of the exhibit opening this Friday ...well I am anxious ...and I am needing to be still and in the quiet.

Imagine and Live in Peace,
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Your studio may look like a mess to you, but others are obviously embracing it, even in frigid temps. Frigid here too!

  2. Poor kitty. Murphy looks at me when I shoo him out the door, in the morning. It's 2 degrees!!
    I'm staying warm in the studio surrounded by bright colors, having a blast fusing abstract fabric pieces. Love your sunset photo. :)Bea

  3. So cold here too. No one want to go out and if they do it's a rush at the door to come back in and lay around the wood stove. xox

  4. It's a good kind of anxious that you are feeling, so breathe deep and relax. You shine in many ways Mary Helen.

  5. Hope the weather is kind to you, I know the bitter cold makes me ache in new places.
    I imagine what you called "mess" as creative fodder in a place that so many smiling faces enjoy visiting again and again!
    Take care dear Mary Helen

  6. Thank you all for your loving words and support. The photo images did arrive and we installed the Lisa wall this morning. Now I have to be still and search for the words to express our admiration for the view through the lens of Lisa's camera. Peace and warmth to you all...the snow has returned tonight. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. It has been very cold here, too. Makes you want to hide under the covers. Your studio always looks wonderful to me, and I am much more at home in a place that has a little clutter pile or two. Cozy-fies things. :) xox!