Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Post....on MLK weekend...

Happy 4th Birthday--Morgan and Grandpa

Morgan and Cole opening her presents.

Morgan and Lyndon with Grandpa

Nothing like Timbits (doughnut holes)

This is an example of Richard Duarte Brown's recycled art works that will open this Friday in the Central gallery outside my studio.  Richard is a youth minister who works with the community youth and different agencies...he brings life to making art from almost nothing.  Pop bottles, vegetables nets, found objects, plastic wraps...and so forth.  The gallery is filled with his paintings and assemblages made from redirected art elements...he has created a wonderful dialogue between viewers in the community ... and young aspiring artists.   I hope you all will be able to come down and experience his joyful expressions.

Collaborative Communications opens on Friday also in The Works Art gallery.  There are seven artists ....Rosa Rojas....Carol Whitt....Queen Brooks....Janet George.... Baba Olugbala ....Ken Kitty...and myself Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart.  We have all worked with another upcoming, aspiring artist in different community experiences to develop and exhibit their works.  I am introducing my dear friend Lisa Kelleher with her photographic images of her journey along the Atlantic coast.  Her images are to be printed on hard, aluminum to create a hard surface to share her story and journey as an artist.  I have three soft fiber works that are quilts that I have created from my journey along the Pacific coast of Australia.  This was to be Lisa's first exhibit....she died in a car crash on 12/12.12 taking her beloved husband John to the hospital for hip replacement.  She had been with me...thrilled...excited...radiating pure joy!....on the afternoon before....she had visited me in my studio and brought a unique ornament of sorts....SHINE!  I am please inviting everyone who knew and love Lisa to come and celebrate her life...her photographs... her dreams realized.  Today happens to be Lisa's 41 birthday....i visited her facebook page and ...realized how many people were thinking and missing her spirit today.  Happy Birthday dear friend.    I wish you all peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Lovely tribute to your dear friend, Mary Helen.

  2. I am looking forward to this Friday..a recognition and consecration of her view of her journey through her camera's lens. Today i am proud to be American...there feels a real compassionate approach healing our nation's sorrows. Peace ne with you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart