Sunday, January 6, 2013

the thaw is settling in for a short time.....

On Friday we celebrated a grand parents day with the three Spalding children.  We went to The Works to explore and discover the interactive children's  experiences.  Then we went to the Grill Deli for lunch...with three little ones who normally do not get soda...Dr. Pepper to be exact.  The giggles were outrageous and Ken took the little one to shop for his Thomas the train  cars and a movie.  I had Cole and Morgan painting their own canvases....little pink ponies and Cole's Pokemon cards and designs.  I need to learn more about these characters.  It does not take much to get them going and the giggles to afternoon was blessed with the innocence of children. 

I have been taking some quiet time for myself.  On Saturday I went down to the studio and put the beginning of the art supplies for Christmas away...which means I pack a box or two and then carry it downstairs into the very scary rough ground basement.  It is dark...and I ended up falling ...right on my hand and bum...I am lucky my wrist was not broken.  I came home with my tail between my legs and had a hot shower ...and then went to bed.  All is well that ends well...and the quilts felt warm and cozy.  I will wait until tomorrow to see my glorious bruises.

Today I celebrated a dear friend's daughter... Sally turn 8 on 1/6/13 ...the Epiphany.  Sally is an adorable, energetic little sprite!!!  With three of her very best friends and two well loved cousins we explored iridescent gel medium ...then we printed with rubber foam stamps and found objects into the gel on their canvases.  While these were drying...we took a few minutes creating our own crystal snowflakes and applied a light blue wash... and a shimmer spray  of glittery glimmer blue.  In the final steps we added a foam snowflake where each little girl added her own jewels and sparkles.  Unfortunately I forget the camera so I will add the photos maybe tomorrow.  I am now into the third season of Downton Abbey..two hours to delight me in their intricate, complex relationships.  Happy Happy Monday!!!!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s.  I will add more photos tomorrow...............Happy Monday!!!!!

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  1. A fall like that can do some serious damage SO BE CAREFUL, dear friend. We have chunks of ice on the walkways and roads and I am just terrified of falling, which means that I probably don't walk right when I'm walking on them. A classic case of an accident just waiting to happen.