Thursday, July 19, 2012

The rains have returned and the fresh green plants seem to be dancing....

The rain has renewed the earth's blanket of thirsty green plants.  The soft cool rainfall has made me a bit sluggish. I have totally taken all supplies out of their too small containers and baskets and realized I need to begin to work UP the walls with two more shelving units.  I traveled to a couple stores in search of something attractive and yet functional.  I began moving items out and condensing "like" materials.  Tomorrow I have plans to use my label maker ...two years into this studio and I finally realize to have an accurate system of organization.  DUH.... I think I was so happy to explore my own studio space that I jumped that important step.  I am satisfied that I have employed some creative glass storage containers for my ever growing beads and buttons collection.  I will photograph some of my favorites tomorrow.  I also have grouped colored pencils, brushes and specific tools into pitchers that I have collected from thrift stores and my favorite Goodwill!  Rome was not built in a day...patience. 

On Saturday there is an opening in Zanesville and a dear friend Thomas Nelson has entered and won an award for one of his latest paintings.  I would truly like to attend his award ceremony and take in the exhibit.  It will depend on the schedule for both Ken and myself... wish me luck.

I love my little Roxie....but she is having a difficult time with housebreaking.  Yes she is breaking the I purchased a mean green cleaning machine for the collection of wee-wee accidents on my rugs.  Ken has done a dynamite job so all we can do now is allow them to dry and stay on top of Miss ALL times. 

She who doesnot know....
knows one with transcendence
circles primordial
manisfestations of energy
the artist is the vehicle
decision of priorities
experience of wander
in the divinities.


  1. It's so nice to come back and see all the activities you've been up to....I haven't called for a while. Love and light...Clare x

  2. little dogs are so hard to housebreak. :(
    I still have potty pads in the laundry room!
    It's looking like I always will. least their poops are the size of tootsie rolls.
    Thank goodness my Blue is totally housebroken.
    Now THAT would be bad! LOL
    XOXO - Cindi