Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The temperatures are rising and the storms are arriving....

It was hot today but it is July.  I went down to the studio to work and all the intentions to get some things put away....and well I got sidetracked by my art buddy Abby and her adorable sidekick Justin.  We ate a quick lunch and then headed over to Johnstownto visit Sunbear Studios and Gallery at 3 West Main street in Alexandria, Ohio.  This visit is long overdue and I was not disappointed.  The gallery selection was of very high quality including stained glass, jewelry, sculptures, ceramics, wood carvings, unique gift options to find a gift for that one person who have everything already.  Downstairs there is an interesting antique shop ...Alexandria Antiques and Susan offers rugs, furniture, jugs, glassware, jewelry, dollhouses, ...well you name it and she has a little bit of everything.  On the second floor upstairs Sunbear  Studio offers a great studio space with a list of classes to entice anyone to widen their lenses and try something new.  There is also a framing shop inside this location so if you happen to discover a special print or painting to purchase; you can also have them professionally framed for your home.  I will definitely return and you can go on Facebook /Sunbear Studio And to follow their upcoming activities and live music.

 Megan and Laura came down for lunch at the Grill Deli...I should have had the art supplies away before now but I am trying to label each basket or box!

 This looks like a great pickle to me!!!

 I think this metal sculpture would look great at Dawes Arboretum!

 I love the stained glass and check out her bulletin many opportunities to explore.  The classes offered here look fabulous!

This is the large studio space for classes and offers lots of light.

 Private studio space for private work and very affordable!!!

 Music at the Bear!!!  This Friday evening 740-926-2656 for further information.

 Traditional works and contemporary pieces to delight the eyes and hearts....
 Beautiful bright silk scarves ...great gifts for thos you love!!!
 I discovered a new Mexican restaurant in downtown Granville and the colors were so inviting.  My sidekick Justin seemed to love the colors also!  I must go back for a special dinner with Ken.
 Of course .... while we were in Granville we had to cool down with Whitt's Ice Parlor and checked out the Kassumul Gallery created by James Young...another wonderful painter.

 Does anyone need a Chicken purse???? 
My dear friend Olo came for a visit today with his master Scott. (Olo is the police dog trained for just about any crisis.)  He is not dealing well with the heat but he is still serving his police community.  Laura and Megan came in for lunch at the Grill Deli and just giggled at my messy art studio.  Well there is always tomorrow!  Have a wonderful and cool evening and now I am back to my quilting.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Justin was fascinated by the hand blown glass balls in the Young gallery.  Wonderful soaps and gifts for all ages.  I had a wonderful day and now I need to get back to work in my space.  Now I am motivated and filled with inspirations and aspirations. 


  1. Great gallery tours, wonderful heron statue or was it a crane. Those felted bowls were quite something. Sounds like a wonderful day. xox

  2. Super gallery tours, and I love the pictures of the special people that come to visit with you. Be well, Oma Linda

  3. I have not allowed my time to visit other artists and I was in an emotional drought. I came home so inspired and refreshed that only other artists can give to one another. Blessings. The stage is set for another storm tonight here in Ohio...very similar circumstances to the 6/29/12 storm. I am sending prayers to my Whispers in the Trees. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. lovely to have a peak into your life and see the wonderful arts, people and yum Mexican food!