Sunday, July 29, 2012

God Bless the Weekends!!!!

I am tired.  Yes... tired but totally overflowing with the joys of being with my grandchildren.  Cole 5 , Morgan 3, Rosie the dog, Conkle the dog, and Tabitha the cat...and me in a double bed.  Yes snug as a bug in the rug but a real heart memory.  We stayed with the little ones while Mom and Dad attended a wedding in Erie, PA.  We arrived just in time to bake some cookies, make some videos on their pink and blue Ipads, made macaroni and cheese with Morgan, drank almost two gallons of milk, had a glorious indoor picnic with grilled chicken and fresh vegetables, shot baskets in the newly finished family /exercise room.   The little ones have enormous energies and it is always hard to say goodbye...even our two dogs Rosie and Roxie are already in bed.  But there will be other adventures and I pray to keep up with their wit, inquisitiveness, energies, and total engagement if living in the present moment.

 Peanut butter cookies...they did not last long!  Morgan just loves to help in the kitchen!
 Brothers are waiting for cookie dough!

Milk does a body good!!!
 Milk does a body good for girls also!
 Lyndon seems to contemplate how he can get just one more cookie before his nap.  
 No I am not tired Grandpa...just one more book please.
 Morgan is the monkey in the middle with me and Roxie!
 Mom and Dad are home....Yahoo and catching up on all the entertaining videos that the two future filmmakers created in the family room!  Dad is in there behind the blue Ipad.
I received my new issue of Quilting Arts and there is so much to share...well you must run out to buy or at least peruse in the magazine section of your favorite bookstore.  The bright colors, beads, inspirations, and interviews with Terese May will get your engines roaring.  She has the joy of her inner child even after 50 years in the quilt world.  I also watched "Why Quilts Matter"...the Kentucky Quilt Project while recuperating in my bed...all 9 issues.  I came downstairs and ordered the double DVD for my home studio...great research right on hand when I am asked to speak or to share some the historical legacy of the world of today's world of quilting.  I guess I should have checked our library but ...well too late now!  I am going to work on my quilt tonight with a new and renewed appreciation  for my life as an artist who makes her mark with the needle and thread.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Those little ones have boundless energy. Wish we could bottle some in a jar....Glad you have such love to share. xox

  2. Yes definitely we would be millionaires if we could bottle and share their joy for living! You have blessed me with your support and friendship. Have an awesome week in your studio! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart