Friday, July 27, 2012

The stage is set for another evening with thunderstorms....

Yesterday I did work in my studio and actually began the actual sorting of Fall, Halloween, and yes even the Christmas holiday papers and embellishments.  In the afternoon Ken came down for lunch and asked me if I would love to go and see "Legally Blonde" on opening night at the Weathervane Theater.  YAHOO!  We have not had a real proper date for quite awhile and I knew this musical would be just great.  We went to Bob Evans for a quick bite and enjoyed the rest of the evening laughing and simply being amazed by this young and energetic ensemble.  I loved it sooooo much that I bought tickets for next Tuesday's performance and promised to take my daughter and her three daughters ...a girl's night out... and dinner... and making hopefully a heart memory for us all.  I know already they will loves the costumes; there is an enormous collection of PINK!  They also have a couple of dogs from the shelter there performing and hopefully looking for a permanent home!  The storms hit in the early afternoon but luckily it was not a repeat of 6/29/12 destructive storms and winds.  I was so jazzed that when I went home to bed I could not sleep.

Today the stage is once again set for storms and it is the Art walk for Final Fridays.  Unfortunately with the high heat and humidity the weather makes it almost unbearable for me to breathe.  I came home and settled into the cool of the air conditioner and now we are watching the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics.  I may not be an athlete but I am always in awe of these dedicated young Americans dedicated to representing our country in a global competition.  Why is it so impossible for the world countries to get along without WAR!?!

I am including photos of young people's art from this week's art camp with Lynn Logan Grimes 's guidance...they were studying Picasso, sculpture and free expression.  I am blown away by their talents and courage to create with colors and line designs.  I hope you enjoy their small but oh so valuable exhibition.

 The storms are brewing in this heat.

hey look at me too!  My brothers and sister are bigger but I am here!!!  A force to be reckoned with!
 Gayla Smith stopped by for a surprise hug!!! SHE IS THE MOST TALENTED YOUNG WOMAN!  We have a mutual admiration society for each other.  A strong, courageous woman who has music in her soul!

I have known this young man for about 10 years.  Derek is now ready to enter his freshman year in college.  Where does the time go?  The beard is a new design element.
Can you see their intensity?  These are some very serious artists.  I can tell they have grown a lot this week.  Thank you Miss Lynn!

Now I am getting back to work on my quilt.  Have a wonderful and safe weekend.  We are babysitting Cole, Morgan and little Lyndon so Chance and Erin can attend a wedding of their friends in Erie, PA.   I am packing several Art activities so we can enjoy the day together.  Art Saves lives!!!   Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart aka  Grandma


  1. Wow, You got some really talented little artists!
    Love seeing that. :D
    I wish it would rain here and cool things off.
    I'm SO ready for Fall.
    XOXO - Cindi

  2. Love all the freedom in the kids art. Hope the storms weren't too bad, we've had them off an on too. xox