Sunday, July 8, 2012

When all else fails...just go to work in the basement...

Like the millions in the mid-west we were victims to the hellish winds and triple digit temperatures for the last week or so...luckily we did survive and have the renewal in power and air conditioning.  My son-in-law had sudden surgery so the three grand daughters spent the last 5 days with us.  I am now remembering why God gave energetic children to young parents...we are both exhausted but the high heat did not help anyone!  Plus the poor girls had earaches ...and we could not go swimming to get relaxed and cooled down.  I have spoken to most of my family and the power is almost completely renewed here in our county.  We did decide to buy a is better to be prepared than stranded at the next fork in the road.  We have created delicious meals grilled by our dear Ken and fresh vegetables from the farmer's market as well as our newly passionate desires for homemade root beer floats!!!!

I am catching up with the laundry and hand quilting on a work for an exhibit in Mansfield, Ohio in August
"Uncommon Threads".  This quiet meditative quilting is soothing my somewhat raw nerves.  I am praying you all had a great 4th of July with safety and great foods!  I am hopefully going to return to my written journal and blog journals.  I need to calm my thoughts down at the end of the day...and I appreciate the loving support you have all shown me in my journey.  I am going down to Dawes Arboretum tomorrow if the weather permits and untangle the "whispers" from the trees.  Unfortunately Dawes lost over 100 trees to the hurricane force winds and the hot temperatures have prevented the tree people from completing their much needed tasks.  Everyone needs the tree experts right now!  Have a cool and safe quiet evening with those you love and we can all get back to our creative studios!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Glad you are all okay - my parents and brother also were victims of the storm. They are all proud owners of new generators as well! I wondered how your exhibit made out. . . . . I hope your works were not terribly damaged. Julie

  2. It's been horrible for you folks in the midwest. I am glad your power is restored. I heard one county has been without for nine days, that's a long time in this heat. The basement, yes. Grandchildren require huge energy, grandchildren with earaches even more. Hope your whispers are all okay. xox