Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday night and the storms are brewing....


I was feverish and clammy most of today but despite my struggle to maintain in energy and strength I continued to release myself in the actual work process. I am working on a green "sister trees" panel for the community to work on and contribute to this Arbor Day on Saturday.  Luke came in to check on my progress and sincerely seemed pleased with the depth of the colors and prismatic effects when they are successfully installed up into the trees.  JennyLyn created a beautiful large canvas for the little ones to create with their thumb prints and when I left she was painting a masterful scarecrow for the photo opportunities for families.  The arboretum was a buzz with activity as the whole crew prepared to make this another memorable experience for our families.  I am hopeful that the weather will bless and keep us safe...April can be so unpredictable when it comes to planning for outdoor activities.  I need to put together my materials and art supplies for moving into the big outdoor tent early Saturday morning.  We can expect over 2,000 visitors arriving and ready to experience the beauty of the sacred place to honor trees.

I delivered my piece to the gallery this afternoon.  Gestation is small but an intimate work that exemplifies the visions in my dreams of the highly intense testing procedures I have been through over the years.  The colors are symbolic and I am leaving the interpretation to the viewers imaginations and their own personal experiences.  The works in this exhibit are incredible and I am very honored to be included with the final selection.  Lyn.Logan-Grimes and Chris Lang have put together an intriguing exhibition.  I hope those of you who are able will drop by and see the works...I will try to include photographs later in the week after the opening on Friday.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I am having trouble adding a few bare with me as I work this out. My fatigue is catching up! Have a great day!. Peace, Mary Helen

  2. Hope you are better today. Love the work you are doing. I don't know how you do it when feeling so bad. Take care.

  3. They are so beautiful & very symbolic. You are awesome. Its good Ive stayed away I guess. The flu hit me on Fri. Wed nite we got my friend safely moved out of a bad situation.I wanted to stay with her til I felt she was safe.