Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today I can smell my lilacs...

I have had a blessed week and it is only Wednesday. Monday I woke early and headed over to Riverside to meet with my neuro-surgeon Dr, Ron Budzik. We met five years ago when I had discovered I had a couple of aneurysms on my "Circle of Willis" in my humble brain. The old fashioned lift off approach was never an option for me due to numerous obstacles and my Lupus. After prayer and deep consideration he performed his "funky stint" ( this is his description) and when he went in he discovered I had three aneurysms now. For the last five years I have returned for angiograms to document his procedure and first application of his designs. Words do not express how this humble man gave me another chapter in my life and I will try to live each day to the fullest....I have been blessed by healing hands and God's plan for my journey here.

I went to work at Dawes today and worked in a much slower pace..but I was able to work. I ironed and trimmed four or more yards of a beautiful, hopeful green color. I painted with Jacquard luminere metallic onto my Spring trees coming to life in Spring 2012. By three o clock I was tired so I headed to the downtown studio to prepare for tonight's pink monkey stencils ....just a joyful experience inspired by the little girls who did the monkey dance last week. This was their own special choreography and just use your imagination. Nicholas and Collin wrote and performed their own play with music and videography. Tonight has been a blessed day. I am tired so I need to get to bed. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Smell every flower you can! I am so glad to hear the good prognosis, and to know that you will be around even longer to continue the wonderful art work you do, especially with all the young'ens.

    1. THANK YOU for your kind words of encouragement and support. Art truly saves lives! Peace be with you, Mary helen

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you were in the hospital! You have sure had your share of trying times lately medically and even dental! Every day is a gift and I know you are a gift to so many of us in your life. I thank God for YOU! I love all that you do!

  3. Life really has handed you alot of trials but you seem to stay on focus and spread your love outward in waves. xox

  4. You are in my prayers Mary Helen. Good thoughts and hugs are sent your way.

    Just the thought of pink monkeys makes me smile. Your posts are always full of joy!

    Keep smiling! xoxo

  5. Thank you for the kindness you have shown me...I am tired from the ordeals but I am still here!! You have blessed me as I continue to create this unusual installation. I wish you all peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. What incredible, beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dear friend..thanks for missing me...I went to Cincinnati for the Quilt Show and have been just catching up since! I will post some quilts tonight! It was fabulous....I hope you feel better also....