Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tea for Tuesdays and pomegranete juice...

This cold is still plaguing my energies but I keep working forward by adding a smokey hue of blue to the control burn panel.  I am adding the paint level on top of the dyes in hope it will behave as a protective layer for my prismatic colors and images.  I want to allow the viewers to rest their eyes on the gentle flow of fabric, color and gentle breezes supplied by Mother Nature.  I am going to attempt to add some photos from the Denison thesis exhibit last Friday.  There were many challenging images to take in and I left with questions....and I feel that was good because today I am still giving them some consideration.  The sculpture elements stayed with me more than I realized...such a paradox of materials and techniques employed and yet some 1950's inspirations were visible to my eye.  I wish I had time to sit and have a cup of coffee with these young artists who are about to enter their professional lives.

I am planning on making some portfolios tomorrow night to conserve the sacred marks of these young artist.  Since my surgical procedure I feel as if I am always trying to catch up...running on that little gerbil wheel and still feeling tired.  But half of life is showing up so I keep plugging along.  Ken stopped by to see my grand babies but I cannot expose them to this strain of virus or cold...they have had too much sickness for the last two months.

It is cold here again but we were the lucky ones...we did not get a killer frost or ten inches of snow with the latest episode of weather Bingo!  My lilies of the valley are beginning to bloom...simple and sweet elegant flowers ...that remind me of my grandmother.  I will try to photograph them tomorrow.  I am delivering my felted work "Gestation" to the Made by Hand Exhibit at The Works tomorrow.  Baby steps...one step at a time.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and playing along in the button give away. Bravo to you for your great attitude and good luck in the give away!

  2. Something is going around. I hear people coughing and sneezing and I just want to run home and take more Vit. C. I hope you are soon OVER this and get back your energy. I understand how it can zap you.

  3. Hope you continue to feel better.