Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thank you for a full and satisfying Tuesday....

I went in early and left the studio late today. It would be difficult to choose the best hour for today's studio experience. Jenny and Jenny Lynn brought in my six visitors from the ADD Connections community in Columbus to share a quick tour of my Dawes studio. I shared the fabrics, the tools and techniques and asked them to come back to help me add stencils with brilliant colors of their choice to the very large panels for June. They loved on Roxie and squealed with delight as I made small but quick demonstrations...they also liked the groove in the music on my NPR station. We then went over to learn to plant seeds into soils ...tamp them gently down...water ....and move to the warmth of the greenhouse. It was then time to have their lunches and work on their individual journals they will add to with each of their visits. I look forward to meeting with them soon as they gave me a gift of living in the present moment. They genuinely are engaged, support one another, share and guide each other as they learn a new task or embrace new surroundings. If only the rest of the world would embrace their kindness and acceptance of each person just for being their unique self.... living in the moment and smiling through their journeys. I have so much to learn from them ...I have been blessed.

I did not mix any new dyes today since time was limited. So I trimmed and ironed the huge 4 to 5 yard panels in preparation for the next layers of images and colors with Nature stencils. I have been asked why the use of stencils? Well it is a comfortable transition step for those who are volunteering to create this unique installation this summer. If one is uncomfortable with their artistic skills ... this is an avenue to explore carefully the placement of colors and composition. I am tired tonight and have so much to do before next Monday's trip to Riverside Hospital with my neurosurgeon ....because I want to get back to my studio and "Just make my ART!"

I have to finish my collage assemblage donation for the Midland's upcoming Ovation auction on may 4. And I want to complete my small felted assemblage for the hand felted exhibit at the Works that opens on April 27 with Chris Lang. Busy busy busy...oh the artist's life for me!!! Have a great week! Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. The green portrait is Peter the horticulturist and the yellow crayon is of me...smile!!! i love this portrait Mark. Thank you my friend!


  1. Wonderful photos documenting what had to be a thoroughly enjoyable day! Exciting to provide this opportunity to people; we're all the same really.
    The bottom stencil of the amaryllis is AMAZING!!!
    Good to see you creating.


  2. Awwwwww what a great day and busy as usual. :)Bea

  3. Looks like another great and amazing day in your world. Love the stencil too! I wish you the best at your hospital visit coming up.