Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers....

Winter has returned with a chilling wind and gray skies that have opened the possibility of light snowflakes dusting our landscape. I worked in quiet solitude...ironing ....trimming... painting ....preparing in my mind 's eye what I will dye next in my progression of summer's sherbet colors. I am pleased with the vivid blues that seem to reflect the radiant clear blues and wispy soft clouds floating by my windows as I work. The NPR radio fills the room with Carole King's interview with Terry Gross. Where have the years flown... Tapestry was one of my first beloved albums and her stories about the inspirations and collaborations with James Taylor ignited my early memories from my youth. Decades later the lyrics still have the power to replay images in my heart and mind...reflections about decisions made then ...and how my life has evolved until today. With the passing of time I have come to realize what I am ...who I want to be in my growth as a woman artist.... and the importance of living an authentic life by making each moment be where and what I want to be creating. I recognize the importance of being a significant influence on mentoring others and creating art to hopefully inspire real change in our world. My work at the Arboretum is not the most important work in the world but to be able to create whispers of colors in the glorious sacred space where the trees are nourished and protected.

Tonight I was at the Whispers and Echoes Studio sharing the power of sketching the small mammals and creatures who live in our county. Small rabbits, weasels , otters, woodchucks, salamanders and tadpoles were made visible by the touch of a simple color pencil touching the surface of the paper. All the time conversing about their own experiences and discoveries in their youthful observations. The cold damp temperatures may have been instrumental in guiding the young men to my table but for almost one hour I was privileged to be included in the male perspectives. Nicholas shared his own story line he is developing with vivid influences from the Star Wars trilogy. Thomas shared his curiosity about scorpions and their habitats and characteristics. Dinosaurs and futuristic airplanes equipped to protect the world from enemies out in the Universe. Unfortunately my little Ian was not present tonight and I hope he is not ill. The girls Sophia and Ari joyously reunited and just squealed with delight when they did their monkey dance before their art session. I may not be wealthy but I am surely blessed with the richness of the hearts of creation. May you be blessed as you create alone in your individual quiet studios this week. We are blessed to be able to make our lives as artists. Be grateful and share your wealth. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. These darling faces being touched by the power of shared adventuring in art is so heart warming. Thank you a million times a million. Oma Linda

  2. I love how you experience the moment, live in the moment. You are an inspiration to us all. :)Bea