Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a day for HOPE....

I went to the studio today and began to work on my thickening agent to allow me to paint directly onto my composition. I have intensified the colors and made the impression of floating seeds in the breeze. I worked quietly trying not to consider the oral surgery on Thursday morning... Ken is concerned I will have more pain when they go into the bone. I have a dear friend George Leach who has an opening in Columbus in the evening and I do want so badly to attend. He is an incredible painter and a generous soul who has supported my endeavors in having my studio and my works with the community. I need to get my donation collage complete and delivered to the Midland Theater which has their annual fund raiser to allow students the opportunity see live theater! Ten years celebration since the reopening of this remodeled gem of a neighborhood theater.

This afternoon I set the Easter Egg Hunt into full motion. Thank goodness for Abby and Justin's loyal participation and Nicholas helped me hide about 150 plastic eggs filled with sweet chocolates and sweet tarts and Starbursts candies. It was sunny but cool but this did not deter the energy of these little ones celebrating the joys of the season! We must have done a pretty good job because 30 minutes after most kids had given up searching....a few determined hunters continued to find more eggs. My own children are grown and it has been quite awhile since we put together a egg hunt ...but honestly just watching the children squeal with JOY! is reward enough. We worked on a funny Easter card for parents and Grandparents ...bunnies, eggs, and stickers with Easter greetings. I do worry about hurting the feelings of the little ones who arrived late but I was pleased to see how many of the children shared their eggs and I did have a bag of extra candy left to hand out to the latecomers. I need to get to bed now...and try to sleep. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. The two little ones in the bunny ears had just returned from Korea...their father was serving there for the last year. The time schedule and change was very hard on them but by the end of the evening the smiles were re-emerging. We also had a family member come who was from Pittsburgh...go with Skyline Chili!!! Happy Easter! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Best of pain free luck on your surgery today!

  3. o i am so happy to see some of your work! it's gorgeous!! i will send my best healing powers your way!!! happy easter, dear MH

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything goes or went well with the surgery. Your work so far is gorgeous and of course I want to see MORE of the panel. I'm greedy that way. I want to study it, hold it up to the light, fondle it, examine the layers but that's just me, you know. lol New, grandchild in our clan, Rory, a little 7 pound girl for the middle son and wife. That makes two for them, boy and girl. All is well.
    Greening up continues here but cold last night. I worry about a hard freeze and all our blossoms out. Lilacs are in full bloom NOT NORMAL. Usually Mother's Day for them.
    Take care, :)Bea