Saturday, December 15, 2012

my heart is so heavy....pray

My heart  is so heavy ...pray for the lost souls who are no longer afraid and know they are held in the hands of the heavenly father.  It is not for me to understand... I need to make small changes to better the lives of little children who come into my studio every chance I get ...they are my salvation. 

Today I celebrated with about 70 little people as they made glorious wooden ornaments shine with sparkle and lots of golden glitter.  Somehow when I looked into their innocence ...I could feel a bit of healing gracing my heart and my soul.    Small hands enjoying the celebration of the real Christmas spirit... laughing as they tasted and decorated Christmas cookies,  got wonderful Holiday photos with their parents and ate every delicious food offered for their dinner.  Yes it was hectic at moments... but the JOY contagious and the little ones were open for enjoying the moment in the Present.  God moves through the hearts of small children...may we all stay in our childhood hearts.  I wish you peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

May all our days and nights be blessed with the innocence found in the eyes of children.  PEACE NOW!


  1. Mary Helen...GOD BLESS YOU and a;; that you offer there knowing how you touch each life that walks through your door! The video is awesome and looks like the glitter was a hit! Brings back so many memories of when I would do such things when my daughters were small.

    Heavy hearts all over all we can do is trust in the Lord and PRAY....

    Get some rest dear friend


  2. And the greatest of these is love. Thanks for this lovely post. Oma Linda

  3. What a love-filled set of images. Thank you for sharing that with all of us and for sharing your creativity and care with every body who crosses your path!

  4. I absolutely commend your work with these children. peace, my love xx

  5. Lovely post Mary Helen. You always show so many loving happy faces here. You are doing a wonderful thing. Peace to you as well.

  6. So glad you had time to connect to all those little lovelies today to help heal. xox

  7. Hi Mary Helen, just back to blogland after very long absence and happy to visit you ! Love and hugs

    1. I have missed you too...a sense of grace when we meet on our posts...I wish you Peace. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. it is so lovely that you share with children as you do. thank you!