Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday and an afternoon with the doctor and his team who have saved me....

I was anxious this morning and busied myself by doing laundry, cleaning the tub and transplanting a Pothos plant that has been waiting for a new home in a new pot for way too long.  All of these activities were mechanical ..... but in time I was ready to make the trip over to my clinic appointment.  I made the trip on the expressway safely despite a semi that had jacked knifed early in the morning and still had traffic tied up in a mess of impatient drivers.  Aggression on the inter state seems to be at an all time does seem that we do arrive at the same arrival time or within seconds.  "Slow down move too fast"  seems to be an appropriate message in today's society,  I got to the reception desk and then went to the waiting room where I counted my blessings...there was a woman trapped in a wheelchair...and it looks like she has been there for quite a long time.  I need to remember to keep my body moving moving moving....walking and a little dancing when no one is looking ...and of course the elliptical exercise  machine.  I must return to the elliptical machine as soon as I get this inflammation under control then I will gently begin anew with small baby steps. 

 the OSU clinic...a multitude of clinics with plenty of free parking for the patients....
 Aminah Robinson has wonderful work in the entrance way...from the permanent collection of Bettt Stuhl's collection ...a pleasant distraction...great Art while you wait for processing..............

 Brutus is cheerful...I guess that is what he is...Go Bucks!!!!!!.
 a wonderful collage but I am not sure who the artist is.... flag remnants... text to guide the viewers...  sorry about the reflection!

 World's Best Doctor!!!!!!!!  Dr. Kevin Hackshaw!!!!
 another waiting room with those little alarm you hold until they buzz..............................
 a close up of my stitching on this latest quilt ...the fabric was silk-screened when I was  in Australia.... womens work
 my hand drawn hand painted Aussie Aboriginal woman .... I will be adding the bead work now...a strong wonderful woman!

the red earth is in contrast with the golden light reflected on the wildness in the plant life...I am using rayon floss with a special sheen to quilt here...process... process.
I started __Dark Spaces by the same author who write ___Gone Girl to pass the time while I waited for my actual appointment.  The time really does not mean much doctor is always in demand and I just have to remain calm and wait my turn.  I trust his judgement and he really listens to me...I am starting back on the Methotrexate....I am grateful for my 10 months without this harsh chemical that is so difficult on my body.  I am also beginning a new drug in the evening for the Fibromyalgia pain...not just Lupus but now another complication in balancing med cocktails.  I am positive we will take small steps and I will be back to my old self... and learn to live in balance again.  Quiet will thread positive energy in this intricate, complex process.  Thank you Doctor Hackshaw for all you do and give me for living a full life.  That name does not indicate danger...Hackshaw ...hack... there is no warning sign here.  Your staff and clinic have saved my life more than once.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Having a doctor who listens is absolutely golden. I'm glad you do, and that he is helping you to live fully. Art in public spaces (especially doctor's offices!) is always much appreciated by me, especially when I'm nervous. :) Love your new stitching! xox!

  2. Your repose is remarkable Mary Helen. Facing new drugs and harsh dangers with them, you take it in stride and find the most positive outlooks on your health which can only help and inspires us all. Love your silk screened work and stitching. xox

  3. I know myself, all through chemo, I tried very hard not to think about what was *going in*, but rather on what it would do once in me. It's a tough balance, but we have things to do~~RIGHT???
    In January I anticipate some more med decisions I'd rather not make.
    Unless everything settles before then, and hey, I can dream, right?
    So glad you have a great Doc!


  4. I'm so sorry for being so late getting here. I take a few days off and I miss such important posts.
    You have such a strong and brave spirit. I'm so glad you have a good doctor.
    You deserve the very best.
    Love seeing your stitching on that quilt! Absolutely amazing.
    xoxo - Cindi