Tuesday, May 22, 2012

-Tuesdays were hopping and the paint is still staining my fingertips.

My buddies from Columbus were here when I returned from my walk...the blooms are so full and there seems to be a different fragrance on every turn in the garden.  The girls have have been busy planting and pruning the garden in preparation of the big conference and tent placement in June.  Laura and I are working on the tent placement for our guests to come and experience some of the techniques I have been working on.  I now realize some of the Golden paints are too good...I could not remove them from three or more of the stencils.  I need to have clean and workable stencils for the artists to continue working with.  I soaked them in the sink with Dawn dish liquid so maybe tomorrow they will clean up better.  I had several visitors and Luke brought in two Landscape Architects from St. Clairsville, Ohio.  Gabriel Hays ASLA had the neatest business card ...two ply maple!!!  I invited them to bring their families back on July 15 at 4 to 6 PM  for a old fashioned lemonade and sweet treats ...God's open cathedral of trees to share the Whispers in the Trees.  Abby came in to continue her work on the panel she began with her mother last week.  Deep rich colors and vibrant brush strokes to shimmer in the sunlight of the summer's afternoon.  Justin added his special touch...two spiders playing and hiding in the trunk of the tree.  He played with some of the rocks collected from the Dawes grounds and we talked a bit about Geology and the next thing I knew ...one of the workers came in and he is a geologist!  He took the time to share time with Justin and identify most of the beautiful rocks.  Roxie performed her daily duties by running to greet everyone and tell them in her wiggly tail that they were welcomed in this studio.  I am hoping you will enjoy the photos ...process is the journey and sharing the journey is so rewarding.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Whispers in the Trees...it is so exciting for all I'll bet. :) Roxie sure sounds like a wonderful little companion.

    1. Roxie is a sweet heart but the house training can be difficult. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen
      I am off to add gold to a panel my street children worked on last Wednesday...they are going to be dazzled!

  2. That little Roxie is adorable.......... I always love your blog posts.......So inspirational!! Hope you have a Blessed week and take time to smell the special blooms in the gardens you speak of.....

  3. Roxie has stolen everyones' hearts! You are always blooming with other
    people around. Patty