Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's day cards, homeschoolers and Boy Scouts....

It was a day of visitors to Whispers in the Trees studio today.  I caught a group of home scholars taking their morning bird watching tour down by the studio and the pond.  They were an inquisitive group with a wide range of ages but they seemed to be very thrilled to stop by the studio and check out what we are creating here.  I Invited them all back and to call Jenny pope to set up their own special time to come in and help with this collaboration.  They can not make the May 17th date but I am willing to set them up that will fit their schedule a bit better.  They asked many questions and even offered some of their advice or input for further development ideas for a panel or two.

I was interviewed by Sarah today for the beginning of an article for possible publication in the future.  I shared some of the thoughts that have been whispering to my mind's eye during my residence here in the education building.  I shared several future additions for the new and improved installation of the future panels...especially the longer 8 to 9 yard panels for the entrance of Dawes.  I realize that I am vulnerable when I open my heart up and reveal ...well myself but isn't this what all artists do when they share their sacred marks with the world.  I am so honored to be able to create an installation for my for all to hopefully enjoy and well maybe question my inspirations.  I told Sarah about a very early memory from my childhood... my baby sister Donna was born and I might have been about 15 months old.  My mother put me down for a nap and my crib was right under the bedroom window with fluffy white eyelet curtains dancing in the afternoon breeze.... someway I hope the child in all of us will enjoy sitting beneath the cathedral of soft green trees and the soft movement waves of the hand dyed and painted panels.  If I am lucky, the visitors and workers at Dawes will find a place to rest their minds in a creative sense for a moment in the day.  Prismatic colors and layers of luminescent paints will shimmer in different color values depending on the time of day.

Ken brought Panera home from Columbus and we had a small picnic together so I could work a bit longer in the day.  The Boy Scouts were having their weekly meeting and preparing for their camp out tomorrow night.  I invited them in for a peek...they were curious about what I have been doing for the last couple of months.  They were interested in why I did not use string to hold up the grommets ...and I said we had considered this installation but I wanted to make sure we stayed as close to Nature in this whole process.  I invited them to come and work with me ...but they will have to check with the time schedule with their scout master.

I have had a full day and now need to get some work done here at home.  Thank you all for supporting me in this huge project.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

P.S.  We did get time to make the Mother's Day cards done for the special Moms in our lives!


  1. I had photos entered but it is 11:30 pm and I need to go to bed. What the heck?????? Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. you are such a great lady...i took a peek at all the posts i've missed and i don't know how you keep up! your panels are gorgeous!! and hope to see more photos of your gorgeous panels!!! stay well, miss mary helen