Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tea for Tuesday with honey and lots of ice......

Today was filled with visitors and hot sunshine in the Dawes studio.  The ADD adults spent the morning exploring the swamp wetlands and were eager to report how they saw tadpoles and salamanders, plus they learned to identify cypress knees in the wetlands.  The guys were on their own because Miss Julie missed the van this morning.  Roxie made a quick roundabout to all of the guys and I promised to see them next Tuesday...maybe I can check out the pond studies activities with Jenny and JennyLyn.

I began adding a "watercolor" effect in the skies we will be adding "Trees" with the volunteers in the afternoon on Thursday.  I was working when Brent arrived to take the golf cart ride over to meet the tree specialist who will be here to help me hang the dyed panels into the selected trees during the first week in June.  Then we will be able to have a small bit of time to make final adjustments.  The gentleman was a rather wonderful man with an inquisitive mind and curious to see the whole process come together.  Laura and Brent said they would search on the internet for suede leather that is a bit wider than what I have found.  I could not help to smile ...I am getting excited and I know I can not do all things alone....No one succeeds alone!

I went back to the studio and proceeded to paint paint paint layers of transparent SETA colors ontop of the dyed fabrics. I love using the big floppy brushes ...plop...splash...swirl... script forms and pure passionate play with paint.  I had a small visitor...Porter who is 5 years old and volunteers every Tuesday with his grandmother Carol in the Bluebird count...came in to visit with Roxie.  Porter had a lunch bag filled with goodies delivered by his thoughtful grandmother so he could maintain his energy.  Tim and Laura have had a busy day planting chestnut trees with Peter and Shane.  There are also another shipment of tall trees delivered for the garden space...the place where they will set up the tents for the gala in the evening for the American Garden Conference.  Megan and Devina wee busy tilling the soil for the new annuals and perennials they will be adding to the recommitted garden area.  The new drainage pipes and tiles are in place so with each day you can witness this new garden coming alive.  I have already had a nap but I need to get a shower and cut some more interfacing to place in the latest panels.  I hope you enjoyed your Tea for Tuesday!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Love this post! A visual treat!
    xoxo - Cindi

  2. What a wonderful project. I had to look at all the photos again! Love it how everyone is involved and having such a grand time!