Sunday, May 6, 2012

I have been extremely busy but I have missed you all...

I have been creating my fabrics for 4 to 9 yards to install into the living trees for the "Whispers in the Trees" in Dawes Arboretum for June's Garden conference .  I am seeing the trees dancing with prismatic colors in a community collaboration ...we are busy painting, stenciling  and layering the hand carved images.  Time is fleeting but I am pleased to say the small est installations survived 65 mph winds and torrential rains over the weekend.  I am learning daily ...small procedures to "tweek" the installation and provide a more substantial way of adhering the natural panels of colors to the tree limbs without using any manner that would harm the trees in any way.  The grommets need to be closer in their position to help stabilize the velocity of harsh winds the summer storms may bring in the next couple of months.  The weights will be increase as I sew them soundly into the individual panels to help add to their hopefully sensual movements with the gentle breezes.

Ken and I attended a wedding celebration for Karianne and Brett on Saturday at Longenberger Country Club with beautiful weather and joyful families uniting with loving support of this young couple.  They are strangers to you but I can just say if you are in a united family ...well you already can visualize our experience.  ken performed a simple and sincere service and today in these chaotic times every new marriage needs our support and guidance as they embark on journey in life.

Today we attended the "Best of Ohio 2012" opening where it was much like a family reunion ...a reunion where everyone supports the artists and their beautiful creations.  Tony Reynolds and Kate Gorman both received awards but there were about 8 other awards to be passed out.  The juror was Lloyd E. Herman, founding director of the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Art Museum.  This exhibit is one of the highest quality exhibitions in the Midwest and a real appreciation of the artisans working to explore and define their individual crafts.  Quilts, felted sculptures, stoneware, wood sculptures, glass, copper, jewelery, paper....the exhibit deserves another examination for my complete appreciation.  Today was a party...a chance to cheer people we love and their success and a family reunion  for decades of friendships.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. When you started this project I saw light in your eyes and knew it was right for you. Now as I see the pictures with the panels being installed in the trees words fail me. It takes my breath away. I knew you would create a beautiful work of art and emotions, but I could not have imagined this extrodinary beauty that will astound all who will share with you as they visit. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you. I also offer a prayer of thanksgiving for allowing me to call you friend.
    Hope to see you soon...Vickie

    1. Every day I can feel the fear try to creep in as I begin my work but I realize no one succeeds alone!!! Peace. Mary Helen

  2. Stunning. It must be wonderful to see them in the trees.

  3. We have had terrible storms with high winds but they are still up there and whispering....I am working on butterflies and pink flowers today. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Oh Mary Helen..these look fantastic....when will it be in June??

  5. oh my....just absolutely beautiful!
    no need to fear! :)