Thursday, May 31, 2012

my morning's drive surrounded by the sweet smell of freshly cut grass...

I am trying to remember to be aware...use my senses to catch the morning light, the moist air in early dawn and the sweet smell of freshly cut grass.  The taste of fresh coffee meeting my lips as I begin the gift of my day.  The cool breezes gently caress my bare skin when I go outside with the pups for their morning walkabout.  The dew is dripping like crystals of the Hosta leaves which seem to reach up to greet me in a green hug,  it is then that I see the deer have snacked on my clematis blooms during the wee hours of morning.  The woods are full of nourishment but for some reason the deer love my tiny garden off the small back deck.

"invisible hands"
lift me up
suffering evokes compassion
spiritual birth
from the heart
she doesn't know...that she knows
one with transcendence
circles primordial
manifestations of pure energy
the vehicle
personifications of the mystery
decisions of priorities
experience the wonder
divinities in the trees.

I worked on my painting as Erin our intern worked on her newly modified wheel barrels for our seedlings of sweet tomatoes.  This morning Shane had found a baby rabbit...a tamed animal pet that had been abandoned at Dawes with little or no survival skills...what a curious and frightened tiny creature.  Abby began a dance with brilliant blues and shimmering golds on a new panel...there are no empty skies here in the arboretum.  The children began adding fireflies and butterflies tonight so I can work in a tree to continue tomorrow when a couple of volunteers come in to help out.  Ken helped me order new cards and postcards to have ready for the 6/22/12 garden conference.  I am preparing the 6 by 6 inch squares of hand dyed fabrics for participants to experience some of the techniques I have employed in designing this collaborative journey.   Now I need to wash a steamed panel ...I can hardly wait to see my results of this dark parfait approach of low water immersion.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I was blessed friends...old friends... a day to be thankful. I still need to figure out HOW to correctly put the photos on the blog format. I am going up for a shower and to see how the latest panel has washed up. Mystery is building. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Fantastic pieces, smiling faces, bunnies, you make me smile always. Yes, we would play together every day! xox

  3. oh, my, my- what fun, what beauty...