Sunday, September 30, 2012

I am home from the beautiful Tucson skies....

I have spent the last couple of days catching up on emails and openings for Aminah Robinson.  I had a glorious first trip to see my dear friend Cyd.  She has celebrated her 5th anniversary of her Tucson Tarns shop with balloons and cupcakes and spa water to cool the heat of the days.  i met the whole staff of incredible women who knit the greatest creations from simply delicious yarns in miraculous colors.  I even bought a couple...and I can barely knit...well until now because I am totally inspired!!!

How do you like my lime green cowgirl boots????  I think you can get a close up of the delightful colors in the stitches adorning the black top halves of the boots.  I was totally spoiled with delicious south western foods and spicy treats.  We went to the establishment known as Zenburgers and discovered their delicious salty caramel milkshake...their burgers were spectacular but the milkshake memory still makes me begin to drool.!

Ken is already in bed so tomorrow I will ask him which file holds the Aminah Robinson's opening at The Works Gallery on Friday night.  It was an an incredible opening and Aminah took time to sign and converse with her patrons and young artists.  We were there until after 9:00PM but the memory of this opening was still radiating in my heart's memory.  For those who live out of Ohio...just Google Aminah Lynn Robinson for a real treat for your eyes ....very inspirational storyteller.  Imagine and LIVE IN Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Love them boots!!! You rockin cowgirl you. xox

  2. It is totally amazing how wonderful I actually feel in these great boots!!! Corrine I definitely recommend getting a flaming color if you find the right boot! Thanks for stopping by...I have missed you and your wild exploration of colors. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart