Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a day late and a dollar short......

 the graduates catching up on each other's new positions...

 now it is time for the great food!!!!  Grandma Cindy's macaroni salad!

 Cindy and I catch up on recipe exchanges...
 the boyfriend's parents Denny and Debbie
 the happiest parents!!! Mel and  Larry have done a great job!  

Congratulations Kristen!!!!  We are so proud of you!!!
I can not exactly tell you where the time ...the weekend....the Labor Day holiday... went!!!!  Ken and I just piddled around the home front and got caught up on daily events and housework ... and of course I quilted and quilted and quilted!!!  I am still attempting to make a deadline but Roxie got  a hold of my eye glasses...and now I have permanent chew marks and scratches on my lenses.  I know it is my fault for having them on the side table and they taste like me...anyway I had to order a new pair.  Que Sera Sera!  Today I spent time in lines...the bank deposit...to pay my rent...at the DMV office to make a transfer before my birthday on my new car... and then I went to Hobby Lobby  in search of small but not too small golden metal beads.  I apid my oral surgeon the remainder of his fees ...I still do not want an implant.  I know some say they are perfectly safe but with Lupus adding cadaver bone to my jaw sounds freaky to my immune system.     Before I knew it I was heading home in a rain storm and Ken was bringing home Chipotle's for dinner.  Enough for tonight and my lunch tomorrow.  I am inviting my kids to come down to make their collage bookmarks tomorrow night and I need to pick up a couple surprises for their treats! 

We celebrated a chapter in our sweet neighbor's graduation from nursing school ...Kristen now is cum laude from OU and has her first job in Zanesville!!  It seems just like yesterday she was sitting on the steps asking questions or playing with Desdemona's kittens ...today she is an accomplished young woman with her head on her shoulders.  Way to go Kristen!  You make us proud. 

Have a great week...our is going to be wet and humid until the weekend.  I think the rain is refreshing but probably too late to help our farmers.   Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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