Thursday, September 6, 2012

62 today...and so happy to be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 see Cyd you are always with me....
 I love Somerset publications.....nevermore....Poe is my favorite..
my wild Aboriginal woman...strong ....fierce....determined....
 a well loved and well used stencil......
 Sandy Gartner is one of my favorite supporters...she understands the process and the journey....
 tiny hands that belong to my Jbear...Justin lives in the moment is excited to begin his work.....
Nicki has donated her beautiful hair to Locks for love!!!! my heart felt heroine......
 Ruth and Ari  celebrate the days...both love to paint and create harmony and beauty....
 Abby and Ari study the collage of Claire and sally.... I think they like it!!!
 Peter and sally work independently and silently ...making critical choices and decisions...Sally made five bookmarks and they were all GREAT!
 Claire contemplates and makes design elements work for her work...she is capable and on her way in her journey....
Who is that lady with the big mouth blowing out candles.........?
 62 ....and I am with you!!!! 
I am so blessed!!!!!!!!
 Marco you are such a sweet heart!  my gratitude is beyond my words....

 back to solving a puzzle..why won't this paper punch work?????
 Yummy party foods for all!!!!!!!!  Ice Cream cake...
 Nicholas is crating his image with colored pencils and becoming more accomplished with each endeavor....

                                                                           Tina and Hannah    ....I am so blessed to have you in my life to celebrate 62!!!!!!!!!!!!            

 The M Gallery in Granville..a small intimate gallery that is incredible...wonderful gifts and treasures for everyone....thank you Maggie!!!!

 summer's gentle blossoms...........

 Isn't this an appropriate photo for today????
 Another one of Granville's treasures..... I love Footloose!!!!
 a special thank you....
 some of my cards....I am celebrating that I have been succeeding for 2 years now with Whispers and Echoes Studio!!!!
 collage much inspiring to play...what's next???
The day is coming to an end....I am blessed!  Thank you to everyone who has shown me so much LOVE!!!!!
I have had a glorious birthday and had so many wishes for my birthday ....who would have thought I would still be here and ready to make art each day.  The Grill Deli celebrated last night ...Kids Night.... with an ice cream birthday cake.....yummy yummy yummy!  Ken and I had a great dinner ...Erin sent her delicious caramels...Cole made me a beautiful funny Rock n Roll birthday card...he drew me skinny!!!!  Tina and the girls came down last night and we have plans for a girl's night out real soon.  I have had wonderful visitors with hugs and kisses in my studio.  There is a prospect of an important commission on my horizon...I am so excited and thrilled to be creating another public Art piece.  I am sharing some of the photos from last night and today....the collages are simply superb!  I am working on another donation for The Works Hatsoff Fund raiser...this is the very first time I will not be here to volunteer for Howard's dream.  I am going to Tucson be with Cyd and work with her this time.  We hope to go to Phoenix to check out the landscape and possible exhibit next year.  So many gifts ...I am totally overwhelmed by the loving support I have been receiving....the gifts of friendships, hugs and smiles!!!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. James Taylor said it best...............

    the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time....

    Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. A mere whisp of a girl!!! Enjoy each day like I know you do. Great James Taylor quote....xox

  3. And doesn't James Taylor always inspire?! Glorious birthday wishes, and hopes for another hundred successful Whispers and Echoes Studio years!

  4. Happy happiest Birthday. What a delightful celebration and doings for such a lovely lady. Congratulations on all the love and sharing.
    You are a perfect example of Genisis 12:12...blessed to be a blessing.
    much love and admiration, Oma Linda

  5. Hello, Miz Mary Helen,

    I know, you're saying, "Georgina who??" LOL I don't get out to blogland all that much anymore due to some family stuff that I've been dealing with for a while now, but I see some light at the end of the tunnel, for now!

    What a wonderful time you must have had...great photos!! I hope you continue celebrating your birthday into the weekend...get as much out of this as you can!! LOL Take care, God bless and as always,


  6. And a Happy Birthday to you!!! Looks like it has been splendid! Sorry to know that you're living with Lupus, it can be so debilitating! I am deeply grateful for your comment on my post and it seems as though you are embracing life to its fullest! xo

    So sorry that this is belated!
    I'm so glad it was a HAPPY birthday!
    and Congrats on TWO years! your studio is the coolest!