Sunday, September 9, 2012

a beautiful Fall weekend...

Mr. Mike...our number one volunteer in the Invention Lab over at The Works!
 some of the children who visited me at Dawes Arboretum ....giggling spirits who are just total fun to be around!

 Our volunteers were serving up sloppy joes and grilled chicken sandwiches prepared by our friends at The Grill Deli!

 Jodie working her first courtyard concert...she always has a great smile on her face...Go Bucks!!!
 The Spahr crew were preparing for a rocking concert...thank you Joe!!!
 Cole's favorite bass do you like his great guitar?
 Of course they have a great drummer!
 Father and son catch up on special requests before they get the show rolling...
 Charla Devine sharing her information for  a fabulous Fall events at Devine Pumpkin Farms!
 Lyn Logan Grimes preparing the craft table for a special drumming instrument...I was going to try to help but the SUN was extreme and the heat got to skin with Lupus is very sensitive!!!
 The mothers and the little girls practiced their patience as they waited to make their drums!
 Larry Tuber ...our resident glass artist is back from his knee surgery.  He has taught me to treasure my knees and sit when I get a chance...the concrete and the tiles are hard on a body when an artist is working!
 Samantha and Charla catch up on news for the Fall activities here at The Works!

Heritage Middle School came for a field day at the Works...I think they had a great time!!!

 It was a hot day but the middle school students seemed to enjoy their time here....
 the smart students ...they enjoyed the cool shade of the maple trees...
 of course...Velvet Ice Cream for everyone!!!
Marcia Downes was checking in on every one and inviting them to come back for the Drive Alive exhibit on 9/15/12!
 More ice cream please....
 The bank was there to have the children spin the wheel for free prizes...and piggy bamks!
 waiting to make their drums...
One of my favorite TREE men in the whole world...Jim McCollough stopped by to say hello!!!  He is a very generous  man...and grows the best mushrooms in the county!
The Evans family...stopped by to check out my cards...and my multiple projects...they enjoyed the concert!
Where did the week go?  Time seems to just fly by...I am working on my project here in my home studio and will be working on a canvas exploring "imagination" ...I have several design elements ready to go on Monday morning.  I will post a few photos tomorrow ....

There is a chill in the air and the night sky is full stars peaking through fluffy clouds.  I have made a wonderful huge pot of chicken and kale vegetable is healthy, low carb, and full of vitamins E, C,A, with calcium and potassium.  We have had a quiet time to relax with football for Ken and Long Island Medium reruns...I have never seen this crazy woman before and she makes wonderful background noise while I am quilting.  I realized I am not going to able to finish my newest quilt to a national quilt exhibit next year...I do not want to alter my design plans so there will be other exhibit out there.  I always think I want to participate in this juried exhibit but I seem to procastinate too long...does this sound like an excuse to you like I know it is.  I love creating my works...for me....not for exhibits...but authentic stories from my heart.  I will be continuing my quilting tonight ...and just enjoy the moment in time with my thread and needle signature.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Love it all, and to see pumpkins, the word Fall and chill in the air with starry skies is the best. The smiles reflect how ready we all are this year!