Thursday, August 22, 2013

We took time to practice ...gratitude....

I spent the morning ironing my latest vintage fabric finds from the thrift stores.  I have a beautiful collection... to mix and match and after a hot water wash...they all came out beautifully.  I am putting my materials together create on and with ...for my one woman exhibit next March "Women's Work 2" at the Nazarene University next March 2014 for Women's History celebrations.  I am transfers...embellishing....manipulating fabrics create an intimate dialogue hopefully between my viewers ...and my small works.  I need to get a great photo of my friend who is a Black Hawk pilot...but she is in Afghanistan for another tour of duty.  The women I am honoring walk in so many different walks of life....but in today 's culture the world and work of women is forever evolving.

Ken had his ninth radiation treatment this afternoon...honestly it takes us longer to drive over there ...than it does for him to have his treatment.  He has few side effects so far...but a young man today was having severe complications and needed to take some more medications to help ease his journey back to health.  After Ken was finished ...we got a call from Erin and went to meet them at a favorite ice cream shoppe that is only minutes away from their school.  We spent about an hour with them...and just being with the small wee ones I actually could see Ken's demeanor improve.  We stopped for fresh sweet this time of year and fresh farm tomatoes.  We had chicken sandwiches with spinach, tomatoes and delicious baked chicken on whole wheat breads!  We are eating healthily...anything to put weight back on Ken and he can avoid the dreaded Ensure protein drinks....just say Ensure and he will get up and eat something. 

I need to work on my kitten image and get my supplies ready for the ADD artists tomorrow at Dawes Arboretum in the morning!  We are putting glitter onto their handmade paper should be fun!

"I am seriously considering filling my pockets with glitter
and whenever someone near me says something really stupid or rude...
I 'll just reach into my pocket with a dead expression...
and release the glitter into the sky above their head....
and watch it shower over them like a baptism of stupid."

I hope you all have had a great day of gratitude...and...YOU will bail me out when I am arrested :0)!!!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

this little pink bundle is for Ella Casey ...Peter's first baby...we are all excited....
I fell in love with the fine embroidery stitches in these beautiful vintage fabrics....
 These are linen fabrics and in some wonderful condition...I can explore transfers and text on these ...I think there are 4 individual pieces....
 These pieces have two separate shapes with fine handwork and a lace faggoting on the delicate and sweet...........
 I think this fabric is embroidered with a fine silk thread......
 Sweet  marks and thread painting.........
 small delicate butterflies ...I am so sure this will come in handy with my Nature theme pieces.....
Here is Morgan's kitten I am going to try to paint for the Fur Ball auction next sweet and precious.
 Marshall Cole loves the cotton candy ice cream in a pretzel waffle cone at Graeter's Ice Cream.....
 Now Mr.Lyndon had a chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone with sprinkles inside...yummy....he ate most of it himself too!
I had salted caramel ice cream in a cup...and Miss Morgan had cotton candy ice cream in a chocolate dipped pretzel cone. 

These are my blessings ...they give HOPE to us all.  The next generation living and celebrating small gifts... Time is the real gift... and Love always wins!

Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Glad to hear the treatment s are going well. Wonderful words MH. Yes it is the little hings that are so special.

  2. What beautiful fabric you have found. Will it stay as is or be made into something?
    I think you are right, the pink refashion was a journey of 'what it'.

    I saw a beautiful pelican the other day at the beach. I caught a little video of it which I will put up soonish.

  3. Ken looks really good and I'm glad that you both have the distraction of your grands to bless you during this time. Don't know where I'd be without my grands close by.
    The fabric, your glitter idea and the kitten painting all make me smile and remind me to send love your way....always, Oma Linda

  4. Love your vintage finds! Ice cream cuties!

  5. I am now armed with 4 special glitter packs...I am armed ready and hopefully will create laughter where there was once anger or frustration1 We are off to the Farmers Market! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Lovely post, as always, Mary Helen. You're love and dedication are amazing, as is your appreciation of all that vintage beauty, along with a sprinkle of the glitter saying...hilarious.

    Have a great weekend and keep on with all that wonderful creativity.