Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday cool down...clear skies...and changed plans....

 I am chewing on Erin's salted caramels from her Three kids and a Kitchen LLC candy business!  She is growing into a very appreciated business around here...but now anyone can contact Erin and have them delivered right to your doorstep!  I know I am prejudiced but damn these are fabulous! 

Ken is putting a garden bench right outside my backdoor so I can cover the ventilation pipe...and have my materials for my tiny garden available right at my hands in a moment's notice.  I had this in the garage...but unfortunately I found myself avoiding steps ...and well used it to pile stuff up on.  I am very excited to have this finished and we can stain it to sort of match the logs.
 I have been in awe of Susan Lenart Kazmer's metallic jewelry designs...and ordered this new book from just three days it was at my doorstep and is full of ideas I can start playing with this Fall....I have stayed away from very many jewelry because so many artists in my area do this so well.  But lately I been thinking about how to make my individual mark on a couple pieces.  She also offers so many inspirations to the mixed media artists!
 I am still adding hand painted details to my ancestral tree...I am investigating a new photo transfer product from is too soon to say if what I want to do is even possible...but who knows...until one tries!!
 two more fun inspirations for Fall...the Somerset publications Green Craft and Where Women Create... on the drive over to Columbus each day for Ken's radiation treatments this gives me time to peruse these favorite magazines.........

I found myself sky gazing.........the paths....the darken clouds entering the summer's day... when I was a small child I remember lying in the soft green grass and sky dreaming...making my own sky lines to connect the pages of this afternoon's chapter in my life.  It was a meeting place for just a few special friends to drop by..reveal secrets from childhood...share mysteries...plan for the weekend's adventures...

I wonder if today's children take a moment to study  these gifts in the weather many children are now into video games and TV and such...
 Where will this path take me today???.......
Is there safety found here?
What do you see or feel when you look up???

I love that there are no exact answers!!

Grandpa is filling up his gas tank...right before the gas prices jumped up about 30 cents...........
 the sweet Spalding kids were waiting for us...and they were working quietly on their Ipads.........
 Guess who has lost two teeth????  He is still so darn cute!
 Lyndon wanted to see his photo with Grandpa!!!  plus Grandpa brought blow pops...he is the candy man!!! have to suck first..and then to get to the bubble gum....
 Sister is deep in her afternoon movie...The Lorax!!!  Morgan loves the movie because she loves her trees!
 Fruit water for a treat!!
Please do not go...when will you come back???  I know Grandpa needs to rest now...but it is hard to say goodbye!!!

Come back tomorrow..and bring more MINTS!!!
I am learning to employ recipes with fresh ingredients ... more nutrients...farmer market values... and short time presentations. 

I am tired tonight..and Project Runway is making me tense this week...I need to get up early tomorrow for my ADD artists at Dawes Arboretum.  Where did the week go?  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. so much love and light swirl around you and yours. Have a glorious weekend......Oma Linda

  2. I am stealing your garden bench idea. I have my work bench in the basement that never has any work done on it and I have two ugly pipes coming out if my house so, yeah! I stealing this idea!
    Thank you!
    I love love love the clouds. I agree, do they take time to REALLY think.
    While my job can burn me out sometimes, I do enjoy getting outside and being still, and thinking.
    As always, XOXOXO to you!
    - Cindi

  3. Grandpa is amazing and never without a smile no matter what....nice bench! Your tree is coming along so beautifully. xox