Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School

The Spalding dynamos were ready and willing to start their new school year at Columbus Academy.  They made there transformation in stride... I think attending the summer programs and camps made the start of a new year a SNAP!
Marshall Cole is in the first grade...and found his name plate right away...I have a feeling there will be an explosion of bright colors the next time we see his name plate...
Now Mr. Lyndon will be 3 on 8/ he was asking his Mom ...When do I go to school?...Where is my name sign??  I want to go to school too!  He will begin next week with a pre-K group of friends he has known since he was born...  Hang in there little man!  Your time is coming ...and now you have Momma all to yourself!
Morgan's new teachers...a warm embrace and her name tag...Morgan is ready to go!

"Wonder ...
is the beginning...
of Wisdom."
 Now I have seen some very impressive photos of the beautiful ...full...Blue Moon.

Now I could not get anything better than this..poor excuse of the beauty in the night...I could blame my camera...but the truth is this is as good as it gets.
 Ken and I stopped by a small outlet...just for ideas...we are not going to buy anything but tires before the closing....
 the small red love seat was kind of cute...but Ken did not want the couch to be leather or red....

Ken moved the garden bench to the front porch deck...we are supposed to have rains for the next two days and he wants the finish to have time to cure...before he adds another coat.  He has gone to bed...he is fatigued but the rest is the best thing for him.  I asked Tina to take a photo of the girls in the morning...their second day of school.  I like to continue the tradition of first day photos... Facebook was filled with very proud parents sending their loved ones off to the first day! 

Every gesture is an act of Creation.... have a glorious Thursday.  I am off to my upstairs studio to iron some of my vintage and laundered fabrics and linens.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I've very much enjoyed looking back through some of your recent posts. Keep up that wonderful work xxxxx

  2. Lots of changes. Exciting. Even tho its hard. Take care my friend.

  3. First day of school memories exciting!